"Photography is not merely freezing moments in time - it's the art of capturing the poetry in the perpetual dance between light and shadow, a testament to our journey through the ever-evolving landscapes of existence."

About Me

Born in the Rhineland, in the dawning 60ties, I grew up in various places all over Germany. After Highschool and University I started working with young handicaped people, sharing adventures, ideas and attitude.  With the beginning of the digital revolution in Photography I added this technology to my toolbox, documenting and supporting my work. Discovering and developing my deep interest in the Art of Photography brought me a long way ...

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Holger Diderich, born in 1960, is a distinguished German Portrait and Contemporary Photo Artist whose journey through 15 different locations across Germany has significantly influenced his artistic perspective. Growing up amidst the diversity of 15 locales and attending 8 different schools, he concluded his educational journey with a diploma from the University of Saarbrücken.

In 2003, a transformative moment propelled Holger to new heights as he clinched top honors in an internal competition, marking a pivotal shift towards his first DSLR and an unwavering commitment to perpetual exploration. His artistic evolution has been characterized by unceasing experimentation and skill refinement, evident in his participation in immersive workshops with esteemed photographers and coursework at the prestigious Fotoakademie Köln. Guided by the insightful influence of his mother-in-law — an accomplished artist, teacher, and curator — Holger delved into conceptual realms, thereby establishing his presence in exhibitions.

Captivated by the dynamic allure of motion, blur, and a painterly aesthetic reminiscent of luminaries such as Ernst Haas, Holger found his artistic niche inspired by the multiple exposure techniques of Pep Ventosa and Stephanie Jung. Through their spatial explorations, he uncovered the juncture where photography converges with painting, utilizing the former as a potent tool to forge innovative visual experiences.

Holger's primary objective is to explore the delicate balance between painting and photography, creating captivating visual narratives. Employing long-exposure and multiple exposure techniques in tandem with intentional camera movement (ICM), he crafts images that transcend traditional boundaries. His subjects encompass street scenes, objects, nature and people in everyday life, capturing the essence of the ordinary with an extraordinary lens.

In every frame, Holger Diderich endeavors to freeze the fleeting moments that define our existence, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey that seamlessly merges the realms of painting and photography.

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